Thor's Hammer Simulated Time Bomb

Thor's Hammer is a simulated time bomb, with lots of sound effects, a keypad for code entry, and an LCD display. It is designed for scenario play, where Missions can be designed to disable it before it detonates, or plant it and detonate near an objective, or many others.

It is supplied as a fully assembled item (a kit form version is also available here.)

Please note: this product is in no way a real bomb and contains no explosive materials or any other similar hazards - it is purely electronic and perfectly safe.



Key Features and Benefits

  • 12 button keypad for code entry and configuration
  • Many sound effects
  • Wide angle Infrared outputs to eliminate any nearby players when it detonates
  • Simulated "radiation leak" when armed, that inflicts low level damage to nearby players every few seconds
  • Tilt switches that can be set to detonate if it is bumped or moved
  • Able to be used with FragTag gear or with other systems that use the "WOW" protocol (eg BFS)
  • 63mm speaker for loud sound effects
  • Keyswitch for secure power control
  • Charging port for battery



  • Size: 260 x 200 x100 mm
  • Battery: 3000 mAh rechargable NiMh
  • RoHS compliant
  • 12 Month warranty


What's Included

  • Assembled and tested Thor's Hammer


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User Manual
Document showing assembly procedure and operation.


Sample Video
Video showing device in operation.

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