FragTag Products

Parts and small components listed on this webstore are intended for existing FragTag system customers only.  Existing customers wishing to place small spare parts orders (under AUD$100), please email sales directly quoting previous order number so we can identify you as a valued FragTag system customer.

Tag Gun Components
ProTag Mainboard. NEW! The core component of a Tag gun. Brand new state of the art model.
Classic Mainboard. The core component of a Tag gun. Older model.
Proteus. An upgrade board for BFS "classic" systems.
Helios Sensor

Helios head sensor Mk2. A fully assembled head sensor. New model

Sensor Kit
Head Sensor Kit. A kit form head sensor.
HQ-SFX sound module
HQ-SFX Sound Module. A high quality sound effect playback module, compatible with all Classicl FragTag mainboards.
Cable Set
"Classic" Cable Set. Save time during assembly with this pre-made cable set, for our Classic Mainboard
Gun Parts Kit
Gun Parts Kit. A collection of commercial grade components suitable for use in tag guns.
V3 System Updates Upgrade your Field to V3 and get exciting new features.
Spare Parts and Accessories. Lenses, optical components, and merchandising.
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