Spare Parts and Accessories

Here you can find small spare parts and accessories. Note that minimum order quantities and/or minimum order value may apply. Contact us for details.



Vishay TSOP34856 Infrared Receiver module.

Part Number: FT-CP002

AUD$2.50 + GST for Australia


Vishay TSAL6100 Infrared LED.

Part Number: FT-CP001

AUD$2.00 + GST for Australia

50mm Lens

50mm glass lens, focal length of nominally 110mm (may vary).

Part Number: FT-CP007

AUD$5.00 + GST for Australia

Odin cable

Proteus pre-made Odin cable.

Part Number: FT-CP010

AUD$7.00 + GST for Australia


Part Number: FT-CP011

AUD$12.50 + GST for Australia

LCD Display. 16 x2 x line suitable for Taggers and Utility Boxes. Not suitable for Odin.


FragTag limited edition embroidered beanie. One size fits all, olive drab colour.

Part Number: FT-CP009

AUD$20.00 + GST for Australia

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