Proteus Upgrade Board

The Protues Upgrade Board converts a BFS Classic system into a highly advanced FragTag system. This board offers all of the standard features of the FragTag Mainboard, with the exception that it drives the standard BFS LED display, instead of the LCD display.

This product is required to be installed into a BFS mainboard in order to function.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Realistic Weapon modelling with selectable weapon library , variable damage, up to 700 rounds/minute fire rate
  • Secondary weapon support allows two tag guns to run from a single mainboard (eg Assault rifle with Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle with backup pistol etc.)
  • Drives BFS LED display screen
  • Full individual scoring via comprehensice After Action Review system. Extensive data is collected during the game, then collected via the Odin Master Controller, and score sheets can be printed via the FragScore PC application
  • Support for Medic healing, Ammo pickups, Engineers repair
  • Full remote configuration and game management via the Odin Master Controller. Variable game duration, start delays, respawn times, etc.
  • Customer upgradable firmware allows upgrading the taggers without opening them or having to change chips. Lifetime free firmware updates.
  • Sensor failure detection with alarm
  • Advanced Near Miss detection and sound effect
  • Membership button system
  • Comprehensive cheat prevention and detection/logging
  • Durable, High quality construction
  • Locking headers for cable connections, for easy installation and service
  • Flexible cable allows for mounting directly above the BFS board, or if space is not available, remotely from the BFS board. Optional long or short cable length.
  • Works with either the existing BFS sensor, or with a FragTag Head Sensor. Important note: BFS "Supa Sensors" are not compatible with modern digital protocol systems, and Proteus equipped with a Supa Sensor will not function correctly with our Utility Boxes or Odin. We do not recommend using Proteus with a Supa Sensor.




What's Included

  • Fully assembled and tested PCB
  • Mounting kit with two 10mm spacers, two M3 plastic washers, and two M3x25 screws


Optional Extras

Note: this item is primarily supplied to maintain existing upgraded fields. It is not recommended for new fields, due to limitations of the underlying BFS hardware.

Part Numbers:

FT-PUB001-S (short cable length)

FT-PUB001-L (long cable length)


AUD$80.00 + GST for Australia

Short cable option

Long cable option

User Manual
The User Manual has in-depth details on the operation and installation of Proteus, and is an essential reference.

Weapon Library
The Weapon Library manual gives details about the built-in library of weapon models in Proteus.

Sound Order
The Sound Order manual details the sound events that can be played.

Current Version (right click and select Save As.)
proteus_v3.60_pw.ftg (note V3 requires upgraded hardware, refer here)

Previous Versions (right click and select Save As.)


proteus_v3.27_pw.ftg proteus_v3.21_pw.ftg


Emplaced Version
Proteus can also be loaded with an "Emplaced" firmware version that has high powered heavy weapons, like HMG, Rocket Propelled Greande, Rotary Cannons etc. This is available to commercial fields only.

Email to obtain it.

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