HQ-SFX Sound Module Programmer

The HQ-SFX Programmer is a small board that can be used to program custom audio data digitally into a HQ-SFX sound module.

It requires a USB Serial adaptor cable, and a copy of FragScore.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Zero Insertion Force socket for easy and safe HQ-SFX insertion and removal
  • Full digital system, for perfect timing and great sound quality
  • Fully integrated into FragScore, with project management and sound event listing


  • Powered by 6 to 9v DC plugpack (not supplied)


What's Included

  • One assembled, tested HQ-SFX programmer module.
  • Does NOT include USB Serial cable, HQ-SFX or DC plugpack power supply


Part Number: FT-HQREC

AUD$39.50 + GST for Australia



User Manual
Manual detailing how to use the programmer board.

Sound List Manual
Manual detailing the ordering of the sounds as used on the Mainboard and Proteus.


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