FragScore V3.04 Upgrade Notes

To keep an existing Members or Mission database when upgrading to FragScore v3.04:

  • Navigate to your existing FragScore directory, using Windows Explorer (typically c:\program files\fragscore)
  • Copy the files "members.mdb" and "scenarios.mdb" to a safe backup location
  • Uninstall current FragScore
  • Install new FragScore
  • Start FragScore. It will report that the new Folder store location on its first boot. Note this location. The location will vary with Windows version. Example: for Windows 7 and Vista, it is typically "c:\users\<user name>\AppData\Local\FragTag\FragScore"
  • Navigate to the new store folder from above. Note that this may be a hidden folder, requiring the "show hidden fies and folders" option to be enabled in Windows Explorer
  • Copy in your backed up database files to the new store location, overwriting the existing files



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